What Is A Mala?

Malas are used for reflection, prayer, yoga practice, crystal and chakra healing or as part of your bohemian style. They can be worn by anyone who wants a more mindful, peaceful life.


Who Is Mala Kamala?

We are a small Australian based, family operated company from the South Coast of NSW.

Kamala is Sanskrit for lotus, and is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, who is often found sitting on a lotus. She is the goddess of prosperity, success and abundance. Kamala is also our daughters middle name.

Each piece of sacred yoga jewelry is hand made in Australia by us here at Mala Kamala. Each of our malas are sustainable and fair trade.


Our Malas

We hand make all of mala beads and mala bracelets using solid 925 sterling silver, gemstones, seeds and wood. Most of our designs are hand knotted in between each bead, often with the use of counter beads to assist with the counting process during meditation. We pride ourselves on using beautiful, high quality materials ensuring that your treasured pieces are made to last.