Who Can Wear a Mala?

A mala is used for reflection, meditation and yoga practice, crystal and chakra healing, or as a reminder of what your working on while on your journey. They can be worn by anyone who wants a more mindful, peaceful life.


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We gladly donate 10% of all profits to Sea Shepherd Australia. Sea Shepherd work tirelessly and bravely to conserve our natural environment, protecting the oceans and its inhabitants. We are proud to stand by Sea Shepherd, the guardians of the ocean.


What Makes the Jewelry Special?

All of our malas and prayer bead pieces have numerical and spiritual significance that all relate back to the number 108. 108 is a significant number for a variety of reasons to many different reasons. It is said for example that there are 108 different feelings that humans have, there are said to be a 108 energy lines which meet to form the heart chakra and the average distance of the Earth from the Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon! For more information on this you can read our blog post: Why Are There 108 Beads in a Mala?


How is Each Piece of Jewelry Unique?

Each set of malas, mala beads and prayer beads have their own unique qualities and personality due natural frequencies that they emit, so it is important to take your time when choosing your mala beads and pieces, you can read more about this in our blog.

We also handmake all of prayer beads and other pieces using natural gemstones, seeds and wood. In nature, it is very rare that any two things are alike, much like a snowflake or a fingerprint, and due to the fact that we only use natural beads when we make our yoga jewelry each piece is unique!

We use natural beads (including gemstone, seeds and wooden beads) because they contain unique energetic and healing qualities. To learn more about the properties of our some of our gemstone beads you can read about Crystal and Bead Meanings and in our blog.

Many of our malas, prayer beads and yoga jewelry are hand knotted in between each bead which symbolise our connection to the divine Universe and helps us to keep our distractions separate from ourselves, much like how the beads do not touch each other when the knot is in place.


Can Anyone Wear a Mala?

Malas can be worn by anyone of any religion as they can be used to cleanse the chakra system and for crystal healing. If wearing a mala resonates with you and makes you feel good then you should wear it! It really is that simple. Many yogis like to wear mala beads as it can assist in practice - inner focus, relaxation and integration. Having said that, it is good practice to know a little background about where they actually come from.

Traditionally a mala or set of prayer beads are a string of beads used by people of many faiths for counting mantras, meditation and prayer. The word mala means "Garland from above" or "Heavenly Garland". They usually have 108 beads with 2 or 3 spacer beads to assist with the counting process. After chanting 100 mantras, 8 extra mantras are recited to allow for any errors. If you would like to know more you can read our blog. You may find this one interesting Why Are There 108 Beads In A Mala?


Who Makes The Jewelry?

We do! Each piece of sacred yoga jewelry is hand made in Australia by us here at Mala Kamala.

At Mala Kamala we pride ourselves on excellent communication and customer service so you can be rest assured and know that should you have any questions, comments or concerns we will always respond to you in a timely manner and aim to make the entire process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


What Size Bracelet Should I Get?

Hopefully our sizing guide can help you out with that! If you're still unsure contact us we will get you sorted out!


What About The Durability of the Jewelry?

We love our malas, and we love to make them using beautiful, high quality materials including 925 sterling silver for all of those little accents, ensuring that your treasured pieces, when cared for properly should last for a long time.

We hand knot many of our mala necklaces in between each bead using a super durable thread which adds to the strength and integrity of your mala. Hand knotting in between each bead symbolises our connection to the divine Universe and helps us to keep our distractions separate from ourselves, much like how the beads do not touch each other when the knot is in place. Plus if your mala does ever break it will keep all of your beads in place.

For those who would like something a little different though, some of our malas have beautiful 925 sterling silver spacer beads in between each bead, instead of knots. They are gorgeous.


Is Mala Kamala Sustainable and Ethical?

Of course! It wouldn't be right to make such beautiful and spiritual jewelry if it were not. Fair trade and sustainability is a topic that is really important to us and runs through the very fibre of our business, so you can be rest assured and know that all of our pieces here at Mala Kamala are from sustainable sources and are fair trade.


Will My Mala Be the Same as Pictured on Your Site?

All of our Mala Kamala Mala Beads and precious gemstone jewelry are made out of natural beads, therefore every piece will be slightly different. But we don't see that as a bad thing, we see that as each piece being unique!

We have done our utmost in ensuring that we represent our products as accurately as possible through our photographs and our descriptions, however due to lighting and your computer monitors display we can not guarantee that the display of any image will be accurate. Further, we can guarantee that the photograph and descriptions will exactly match the product that you receive due to the natural variants in colour, shape, size and texture of some of the natural products that we use during the manufacturing process. Likewise, we may need to use different jewelry findings from time to time such as spacer beads, charms and thread depending on what our suppliers have available, thereby making each piece unique. However we will always try to ensure that variations to product photographs and descriptions are kept to a minimum. We may limit the sales of our products depending on location and we may also limit the quantities of products that we have available at any one time.


Cleansing and Programming Our Mala Beads

Each mala is cleansed with the smudging of white sage during and after the stringing the process. The malas are then left in the sunlight or the moonlight to re-energise and finally they are programmed for the highest good, love and light. Each set of mala beads have their own unique qualities and personality, so it is important to take your time when choosing your mala beads. 


Will Wearing My Mala Kamala Jewelry Heal Me?

All material and information on this website is provided for your information only and may not be interpreted as medical advice or instruction. No action or inaction should be taken based on the contents of the information on our website. Always consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to health and well-being. While we take every precaution to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate based on our best judgment, readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of injuries. 


What If My Mala Breaks?

To ensure longevity of your pieces please read the information on our page How To Choose, Use and Care For Your Mala.

We are sorry to hear that your beloved mala broke! But don't worry, what this actually means is that the karmic cycle is broken and your malas work is done. You are making progression in your life and this is something to celebrate.

If your mala arrives broken or breaks within 14 days of arrival we will replace or repair your piece for free at our own discretion. All jewelry will be subject to inspection to determine correct care and use. You must contact us immediately if your piece has broken and include a picture. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer exchange or free repairs when contact is made after 14 days of arrival.

If you're not ready to let go though just yet or would like us to repair the karmic cycle for another journey, you may wish to utilise our re-stringing service of $94 per mala.

To begin the repair process add repair my mala to cart, checkout and then contact us and we will send you our mailing address. After you have contacted us and have our mailing address, ship your mala to us and we will have it repaired and returned to you as soon as we can. Prices may vary depending on your product type and if we also need to replace lost beads. In this case we will be in contact with you during the repair process.

Please note that as per the return and exchange policy you will be responsible for all shipping costs as well as any customs, duties, fees and taxes. If fees are payable you will be asked to cover them or your product will be returned back to you, un-repaired. To return your item you must choose prepaid shipping, it must be insured, and have a tracking number. We are not responsible for lost packages in transit with the carrier, this is the responsibility of the sender.



Please see our Shipping Guide for more information


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