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Absolutely love this bracelet!

30th July 2017

Absolutely love this bracelet!

Larissa, United States


The ring arrived even more

29th July 2017

The ring arrived even more beautiful than in the pictures. Very happy with the quality.

Wendy, United States


I love both malas

25th July 2017

Finally the malas arrived. It took ages for them to make it through customs. All good. I love both malas, the handcraft and feel of them. Thank you. Namaste

Tatjana, Germany


So happy with our bracelets!

22nd June 2017

Greetings from our home in beautiful Cape May, NJ. Thank you so much for our lovely bracelets! we are so happy with them! Mary Alice and Jennifer

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Mary Alice, United States

Mala Kamala beads exceptional quality

22nd June 2017

Mala Kamala beads exceptional quality was expressed the moment I opened the beautiful blue box it came in. I love it very much. Thank you!

Pogossian L., United States


Eight Phases of the Moon

12th June 2017

This beautiful piece of artwork is even more beautiful than I imagined. I wear it and feel amamzing. Thank you Mala Kamala for making this ONE especially for me. Much love and gratefullness, Natalie

Natalie, United States


The Chakra Rising Mala Bracelet

7th June 2017

I love my bracelet!!!! It came quickly fits perfectly and I cant stop admiring it. I really enjoyed the personal note as well that was a nice touch. So beautiful I love it so much wonderful craftman ship!

Brandi, United States



26 May 2017
Just received my beautifully packaged box. The necklace was beautiful... better in person that in the picture. It is an absolutely beautiful piece. Thank you

Nancy, United States

26 May 2017

Absolutely beautiful necklace. I can't wait to wear it.

Nancy, United States


26 May 2017
Everything about this piece is perfect.

Nancy, United States


The wife loves her new

19th May 2017

The wife loves her new bracelet

Mark, United States



10th May 2017

I ordered the Chakra Rising and Neptune Bracelets within a week of each other. The moment that I received shipping notice I was thrilled and could not wait to receive them. The communication that you get about shipping and tracking is fantansic. Sarah sent the bracelets out to me with hand written thank you notes which is extremely sweet. I love my bracelets and cherish them. They are exquisite pieces of art for the mind body and soul. I hope to be able to purchase more from Sarah. Your work is wonderful meaningful and a joy to own. Thank you so much Sarah for everything. Katie Parks Blessings of Love and light to all.

Katie, United States


Just Exquisite

9th May 2017

I received both of my bracelets and they are just exquisite. I love them! Thankyou for the beautiful bracelets. Blessings and good will to all.

Katie, United States


Another excellent piece of artwork.

26th April 2017

I received my bracelet inside of an exquisite package with another handwritten note from Sarah herself, which is a nice touch of class. Per usual, the bracelet also came with a wee silk pouch that is very useful for storage and charging via sunlight (not really possible to charge via moonlight here in NYC).
I love the way the beads are organized by colour and seeds accompanying them really make the bracelet stand out. I am also happy with the bracelet since it is made up of a plethora of different stones which are able to strengthen my chakras in so many ways!
This bracelet is a true all-rounder and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.
With love and light,

DeLaaNi, United States


Absolutely beautiful!

24th April 2017

Absolutely beautiful!

Marcella, United States



7th April 2017


Patricia, United States


Compliments my mala nicely.

5th April 2017

I purchased this simultaneously with its corresponding mala to help repair my broken root chakra. Upon removing it from the box, it possessed the same beautiful smell that accompanied the mala. I love the way it has been constructed with the sandalwood adding a nice contrast to the stones that make up the entire bracelet. The silver emblem is also a nice touch as it adds a bit of flair to an already outstanding piece of soothing, sacred, art. As I did with my mala, I placed the bracelet within its own silk bag along with a cormaline stone and placed it within the sunlight so that it could be both charged and cleansed. Afterwards, I meditated with the bracelet for a short period of time to add my intentions to it so that it can assist me with providing the balance needed within my life by repairing my root chakra. Thanks for reading and I hope this bracelet can repair your chakra as well. With love and light, DaLaaNi

DaLaaNi, United States


Very lovely Mala!

5th April 2017

I received my Namaslay on 04/03/2017 after placing my order on the Thursday before. Not only did I receive it pretty quickly (as I live in NYC), but the packaging alone was quite exquisite. The mala came with a wee silk bag for storage as well as a nice note thanking me for my purchase. One thing I must state about the mala is that the photos do not capture the intense beauty it possesses. When you purchase one you will understand what I mean. The colours are fabulous and the sandalwood beads compliment the entire mala very nicely. I also love the way the tassel flows at the bottom and all it takes are some simple strokes from a comb with large tines to make it nice and fluffy. Also of note is that the mala itself smells so good! I was almost tempted to bite it, haha! The colours are very nice and warm and they allow the mala to help you feel relaxed as you meditate with it and wear it to help restore balance to your root chakra (as is the case with me). Once I took mine out of its little box, I charged it for a few hours in sunlight with a cormaline (err, I think that's how you spell it - it's a red stone) whilst in its silk bag and then I meditated with it for a few minutes to add my intentions to it. Once you complete the above ritual you will have a beautiful mala to not only display, but to assist you in your life's journey wherever it may take you. Thanks for reading. With love and light, DaLaaNi

DaLaaNi, United States


It's gorgeous !!

5th April 2017

I got my bracelet this afternoon. It's gorgeous !!

Lisa, United States



26th March 2017


Laura, Canada


Namaslay mala bracelet

24th March 2017

I'm in love with this bracelet! It is beautiful and absolutely perfect!

Stacy, United States


Chakra Rising Mala

19th March 2017

Beautiful! I feel better already!!

Renee, United States


I LOVE my bracelets will definitely shop again

6th March 2017

I just opened my package from you and saw the beautiful handwritten note you wrote telling me to shine on this made my day! I had an awful day but this little bit of kindness turned my day around. I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I LOVE my bracelets and I will be definitely shopping from you again

Lindsey, United States


Great ! 

14th February 2017

Very nice bracelets and quick shipping ++++

Dominique, France


My birthday mala

1st February 2017

I recently received the supernova mala for my birthday from my sister. It's always pretty special when someone gifts you something that it just so perfect for you and you know they have thought about what would light you up. This mala has arrived at the perfect time in my life, not only is it beautiful to look at but it's power and message is directly aligned with where I'm at in my life at this present time. Thank you malakamala for creating such a special gift x

Brooke, United States


Loving my Calmer Tides Mala

31st January 2017

I've had my mala for about a week and believe it came just in time. It's beautiful and smells amazing because of the sandalwood. I was attracted to this mala since it contains my favorite colors. I find that it helps me to be focused during meditation. When I wear it during the day it helps to remind of my intentions.

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Kathryn, United States


I love this beautiful mala !!!!!

30th January 2107

This is my forever favorite Mala. ( I have many) It is unique, very well made with high quality beads that have great energy. I could not be more pleased. I absolutely LOVE IT !!!

Kristine, United States


Mermaid Mala

31st December 2016

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am beyond pleased with this mala. It is dainty and feminine. You can dress it up or dress it down, so it is the perfect piece to wear with any outfit. I could not be more happy with my mala.

Nicole, United States


Lunar Light

13th December 2016

It is beautiful ! Even more so than the pictures and the sandalwood smells awesome. I look forward to wearing it

Cheryl, United States


It's a Christmas gift for

6th December 2016

It's a Christmas gift for my daughter,I'm sure she is going to be so pleased with this very pretty bracelet! Great,great customer service and shipping! Thank you !

Therese, United States


Moon Dust Mala

2nd December 2016

Simply gorgeous and beautiful quality

Michele, Australia



30th November 2016

I received my beads today!!!!!
Thank you SO much!
They couldn't have been better!
I wore them out this afternoon and already got comments!
I'll definitely be in touch soon!
Thanks again, so very much!

Kristie, Australia


Beautiful Malas

29th November 2016

The Clamer Mala is so beautiful, l love it. My daugther loves hers. And my son love is Aztec mala. They are made so good, I feel really good when I wear it.

Alma, United States


Moon Dust Love!

23rd November 2016

I absolutely love my Moon Dust Mala! It makes me feel grounded and secure, just what I needed for this crazy transition of moving and closing chapters in my life! Thank you for the beautiful Mala :)

Katelyn, United States


Mermaid Mala Bracelet

10th November 2016

So lovely. Subtle eloquence. My favorite so far.

Kim, United States


Beautiful products

3rd November 2016

I want to congratulate Sarah, her products are so beautiful, I get my bracelet this week, and I love it so much. I will like to use it everyday.

Alma, United States


Love it so much!

2nd November 2016

Came home to my Namaslay bracelet today in collaboration with Yoga By Canadce and her new book! I love this bracelet so much!!

Felice, United States



12th October 2016

I received my bracelet very quickly, shipping internationally. It is very beautiful and I wear it daily as a reminder of all the things that ground me, and bring me joy. I recommend completely, and will be purchasing again in the future. Customer service was speedy to answer questions and was very helpful. Great company and great products! 

Jessica, United States


Simply the Best!

14th September 2016

Once I opened the package, and felt the beads in my hand, I knew we made a great purchase. My partner and I each purchased our own set of mala beads and were not at all disappointed! They feel so high quality, and the amount of detail that was taken towards them is very much shown. For my particular mala, it is even more beautiful than pictured! So excited to continue our journey with these beautiful beads to help aid us in the wonderful way that they do.

Jeslyn, United States


Amazing and Unique

14th September 2016

This Mala is unlike any other Mala! The combination of Rudraksha seeds and gem stone is so empowering and blissful! The white howlite guru stone is amazing for reflecting after your japa meditation!
Plus all of the uplifting colorful gemstones just put you in an automatic better mood and others around you!
I highly recommend this Mala for anyone looking to charge happiness and strength in their lives!

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Brittany, United States



9th September 2016

This Mala is beautiful and has good energy!

Elizabeth, United States


Magical and Beautiful

6th September 2016

From the moment I received this mala manifesting is all I have been doing! The intention behind Mala Kamalas beads alone are magical and beautiful and have gotten me through a lot in the last year and a half! I love this mala

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Brittany, United States


So pretty!

6th September 2016

My bracelet arrived today, and it is so pretty!

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Chloe, Australia



6th September 2016

I love this! Very satisfied customer :)

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Emily, Australia



3rd September 2016

Received my Mala Necklace from Mala Kamala Mala Beads yesterday. Beautiful work!

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Elizabeth, United States


Peaches and Cream Mala

28th August 2016

My mala arrived very nicely packaged and in a timely manner. I actually purchased two mala's and they are both beautiful!! I have several in my collection and these fit right in with my others. I love the extra length of these as well! Thank you!!

Julia, United States


Love my Neptune Mala and bracelet!

24th August 2016

Love my Neptune Mala and bracelet! I love that blue beads actually shimmer but I couldn't get that to come out in a picture! The dark Sandalwood is so pretty. My son wants one now!  #malakamala #TheMKTribe

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Allison, United States


I am so addicted to #malakamala!

20th August 2016

I am so addicted to #malakamala ! I just received my Free Spirit mala, a second Free Spirit Mala bracelet, a Pixsea mala bracelet, Tranquility mala bracelet, and Amethyst Dreams bracelet (wearing all in the pic!) I love stacking them, especially my 2 Free Spirit bracelets and the Pixsea bracelet. The other 2 I like by themselves. The customer service is fabulous, Sarah sent me an email to let me know when the Free Spirit Mala was back in stock after I had emailed her a month prior asking about it. I am officially a member of #TheMKTribe and loving every minute of it!

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Allison, United States


I absolutely love my Mala

14th August 2016

I absolutely love both of my Mala's thank you so much for making the chakra mala special for me - it is even better in person. I can't wait to share the love by giving the fire and water mala to my friend. I loved the handwritten letter which added a personal touch. Thanks for the earrings, they are both beautiful and will make perfect gifts to spread the mala Kamala message.

Sheree, Australia


Love my new bracelet!

12th August 2016

It's so beautiful and such amazing quality! I love the beads and the charm, I haven't taken it off since I've gotten it. You won't be disappointed with this purchase!

Tara, United States


Love my Free Spirit Bracelet!

24th July 2016

My bracelet fit perfectly, is beautiful, and helps me remember the things I want more of in my life- calm, happiness, and healing. I have already gotten many compliments! The customer service is also awesome, no matter how dumb a question I feel I'm asking! Love love love!

Mala Kamala Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Allison, United States



22nd July 2016

My sister in law loved this bracelet and the meaning behind it

Aislyn, United States


This mala is EVERYTHING I

13th July 2016

This mala is EVERYTHING I ever dreamed it would be. My heart was drawn to it the second I saw it and when I finally opened my package and held my Awakening Mala in my hands... I knew it was made for me! The customer service was impeccable -- received with a handwritten note from Sarah! Amazing!

Leta, United States


It was very nice

5th July 2016

It was very nice

Jean, United States



15th June 2016

I am in love with this mala! I bought because I'm working on getting in touch with my 6th and 7th chakras, and wow - it definitely helps me focus! It is definitely a beautiful mala.

Laura, United States


Ocean Mala

8th June 2016

The mala beads are beautiful, I am so happy with them. They are very easy to meditate with. They were delivered on time and recycled paper packaging which was so nicely put together. The information sent was interesting and helpful. I would definitely order again!

Kathleen, United States



2nd June 2016

BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited to start to practice more frequently and find my balance with their help. I want to thank you so much for putting love into making my mala and for sending along the earrings as an extra that really made me smile after a long day at work! The stones are so vibrant and I love them. They go so well together and the tassel is perfect! I can't thank you enough for all the help and guidance in creating this for me as well as just general knowledge on meditation. You and your product are wonderful!!

Marissa, United States


Ocean Mala

26th May 2016

Love it! True to size and high quality.

Wendy, United States


Love love love my mala and our bracelets!

19th May 2016

Today I've received my order with my "Free Spirit" Mala, my "Anahata" bracelet, and my partner's 2 bracelets "Anahata" & "Ocean and Earth".
We absolutely love them! They look and feel so amazing, and I feel like I never want to take my mala off, or stop touching it :-)
The quality and the love you have put in to making them is why I will recommend Mala Kamala to everybody, and I am already looking forward to ordering some more!! :-) From the way they are made, to the wrapping, the care instructions and description of each crystal, everything is just beautiful! Keep it up xx
PS: Thank you so much for my little gift, the "Tree of life" earrings . It has definitely made my experience with you even more special and amazing.
Mihaela, Australia

Beautiful custom mala which means the most to me

5th May 2016

So! I took the plunge and treated myself to a mala with intentions I picked and customized from Mala Kamala!  With very fast feedback, Mala Kamala designed a beautiful mala for me with the stones that meant the most to me. I had no idea how they would look together, but Sarah made them work together beautifully! Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience on how open and responsive Sarah was. I really enjoyed the entire process and am so happy with the finished product.

Gina, United States


Orca Mala Bracelet

4th May 2016

The bracelet is so beautiful. The quality of the products from Mala Kamala are just amazing. Definitely my favourite store for malas. Namaste Sarah for your beautiful creations

Rebecca, Australia


Breathtaking Mala Bracelet

2nd May 2016

This bracelet reminds me of the ebb and flow of the ocean and life, riding the waves, the highs and the lows. Grounding to the earth, feeling stable and secure. Reminding me of how precious life is. Thank you, I love my mala bracelet xxx

Jo, Australia


Love it!

25th April 2016

Love my beautiful bracelet from my favorite vendors!

Brittany, United States


Love the colours

25th April 2016

I found out about Mala Kamala through my yoga teacher. I checked it out and ordered the Marley Mala because I loved the colors, and well, I love Bob Marley. I enjoyed reading about the gemstone significances and instructions on using the beads. The only downside is that now I don't get to wear it because my girlfriend made it hers. I need to buy another one! :)

Christopher, United States

Beautiful, Thankyou!

20th April 2016

I just received my Mala Beads in the mail and they are absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to begin my daily practice of meditation using these beads, Thank you!

Mary, United States


Love my new Mala

17th April 2016

I'm completely delighted with the beauty and quality of my new Mala. It is true that you will just know which mala to choose and which is right for you. The connection to choosing something so personal can't be explained but it's a great feeling as I haven't wanted to take mine off since I received it. Great customer service from Sarah. My shipment was delayed a bit and she followed up to make sure I'd received it but also offered to track it for me if I had any problems. I'll definitely order again.

Adriana, United States


Just Lovely

8th April 2016

Many thanks for sending my beautiful bracelet so quickly.  It is just lovely and Im very very happy with it, it makes me smile and I love the great feeling it brings.

Dianne, Australia


Beautiful, Energizing and Empowering

31st March 2016

Words cannot express how beautiful, energizing, empowering and expressive this Mala is! I have loved Orca whales since I was a very little girl. I think of these beautiful creatures as my spirit animal. I emailed Sarah about this Mala idea because I could just feel how powerful and meaningful it would be. I could not be more grateful for Sarah taking my Mala idea and bringing it to life! She even made a beautiful matching bracelet to go with the Mala! I was completely surprised and my heart melted when I saw her little gift! Everything she does is heart felt and passionate in all of her Malas!

Brittany, United States


In Love

31st March 2016

When my daughter brought me this Mala I was in love! I love the length and how gorgeous the stones are! I really love the color of the tassel as well! It is such a happy color and so uplifting! Thank you Sarah!

Claudia, United States


Jules, Rae

25th March 2016

I love my chakra make beads . It was exactly the description on the web site . Will definitely shop again and recommend you to everyone . Thank you

Jules, Australia


Jules, Rae

25th March 2016

I was so excited to pick up my mala bracelet. Beautiful made with instruction on how to use and look after my mala . Quick delivery.  LOVE️️️ it thank you

Jules, Australia


I am in absolute LOVE with my Snake Mala

21st March 2016

Personally, I think it's even more beautiful person. I was very impressed with the packaging, when I pulled the Mala out of it's adorable pouch I was blown away. The crystals are stunning and the sandalwood glowing tied together on such gorgeous thread. I love it and it's beautifully crafted, Thank you so much for making such wonderful jewelry. Namaste

Taylor, United States


I am very pleased with

21st March 2016

I am very pleased with my Guru Mala Bracelet. It fits great and is absolutely beautiful; I can't wait to purchase another Mala Bracelet :)

Taylor, United States


Such a Beautiful Piece

20th March 2016

I absolutely love my Awakening mala - it's obvious that it is made with quality, love, and care. I also love how the tassel has flecks of other colored strings to add a little something special. This mala makes me feel connected, empowered, mindful, and compassionate. Oh, and this company has excellent customer service!! So grateful to have found Mala Kamala. With love & light from Boston, MA, USA

Shelby, United States



17th March 2016

The malas are absolutely gorgeous!! I have worn mine every day!!
Thank you so much for the love you put into these pieces - I can feel it!

Claudine, Australia



The Amethyst Dream Mala Bracelet

6th March 2016

Arrived beautifully packaged and ready to gift to my bestie. She loves it. It's well made and looks beautiful. I also love how it comes with nicely presented information on how to use and care for it.

Kellie, Australia

I absolutely love my life is sweet wrap!

6th March 2016

When I first saw the Mala wraps on the Mala Kamala website I wasn't sure about them. I absolutely love my life is sweet wrap! I get so many compliments on it because it is so unique! And I love the lotus seeds and how long or short you can make this Mala! I highly recommend the lotus seed wrap malas! 

Reviews - Mala Kamala Mala Beads
Brittany, United States

Sensorily Beautiful

3rd March 2016

I was fortunate to have won a Mala from Mala Kamala as a result of participating in an Instagram yoga challenge. I undertake these challenges to progress my yoga and keep my practice interesting, fun and adventurous, usually forgetting that there is even a prize to be won! That being said, I was very pleasantly surprised to have been chosen as a winner. That surprise pales in comparison however to the wonderful surprise when the Mala arrived in my letterbox. Not only is it sensorily beautiful, it is matched to me and my current undertakings and desires as if it was chosen by my closest friend! I received The Guru Mala and as I sat down to read the offerings of this Mala I suddenly felt as though the universe was speaking to me. Cosmic powers out there knew the direction I am trying to take my life in and the struggles I am facing along that journey. I felt warmed and supported as I held this auspicious and apt gift in my hand! Thank you Mala Kamala.
Carly, Australia



25th February 2016

I received my beads yesterday & they are beautiful. They got to me pretty quickly considering the distance traveled (Missouri, USA). The one negative about shipping is that I had to sign for them & pick them up at the post office. Otherwise perfect. I can't wait to use them!

Leslie, United States



25th February 2016


Siara, United States

Lovely Piece

20th February 2016
I purchased the skulls and lava mala to help guide me though some large changes in my life.  I am moving from the states to Australia in a couple months and the fact that the mala is made there is making the piece even more special for me.  I am absolutely enamored with the piece.  The construction is beautiful and my practice and meditation are feeling recharged and grounded.  Thanks!
Andrea, United States


Beautiful mala...

19 February 2016
The service provides was excellent and the mala and bracelet are both works of art.
Amy, United States



2nd February 2016

So in love with my set! They have already improved my daily meditation and I love wearing them as well

Jennifer, United States


So pretty

27th January 2016

I received my amethyst dream bracelet today and I am so inlove with it. It's a beautifully made piece and so special.

Emily, United States



22nd January 2016

My Mala bracelet is beautiful. It came with lovely packaging and interesting information and instructions. It's cleansed, loaded with my intentions for it, and on my wrist.

Lori, United StatesSaveSaveSaveSave