Mala Kamala was born from the passion to create beautifully crafted navigational  jewelry that will inspire people to live a more mindful, peaceful life.

We are a small family-run business from the Wollongong area of South Sydney, Australia and our dream is to watch Mala Kamala grow as we share our malas and messages of love, peace and mindful practice into the world. 

Meet The Owner

Our Story - Mala Kamala Mala Beads

Hey! I'm Sarah, founder of Mala Kamala. I am blessed with three gorgeous, crazy children, Will, Pax and Indigo Kamala (where Mala Kamala found its name!) and my partner Scott, who you might hear about from time to time as he helps me out here and there. 

I love working out, running, hanging with my family at the beach or local park, wine, yoga and meditation, good company and making malas! 

People ask all the time why I make malas and how I started. To be brief, I didn't find it, I think it found me. A series of life changing events occurred in a small amount of time and I found myself doing this at the end. What started out as a little hobby, turned out to be much more.

I actually wrote a couple of little blogs about how I started Mala Kamala (people ask me all the time) so you can read about that here.
Sending smiles and good vibes...
Sat Nam, 
Sarah X