The Eight Phase Mala Bracelet - Mala Kamala Mala Beads
The Eight Phase Mala Bracelet - Mala Kamala Mala Beads The Eight Phase Mala Bracelet - Mala Kamala Mala Beads The Eight Phase Mala Bracelet - Mala Kamala Mala Beads The Eight Phase Mala Bracelet - Mala Kamala Mala Beads
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"We know that the moon has the power to affect the tides and weather, it can even cause earthquakes.  It is also believed that it has the power to affect our physical bodies and our emotions - given that after all, we are around 75% water."

Manifest with the moon with The Eight Phase Mala Bracelet. It's cyclical rather than symmetrical representing both the lunar and the life cycle. Each variety of gemstone used in each section represents one moon phase and make use of the powerful gravitational shifts that are currently occurring. Become more aligned with the Universe and navigate your journey with the moon.


Sacred Materials

5 Mukhi Rudraksha: Helps connect with the spiritual self. Aids learning and creativity. Increases personal growth and intellect. Boosts confidence and optimism.

Grey Moonstone - The New Moon: Uncovers parts of the self that  we know least about. Personal growth. Encourages moving into the unknown with perception. Extremely protective stone, especially for travelers.  Balances womens hormones in line with the lunar cycle. 

Bloodstone - The Waxing Crescent Moon: Uplifting and protective, facilitates clarity, decision making and motivation. Boosts energy.

Peridot - The Waxing Quarter Moon: A close relative of the diamond, born by fire of molten rock in the earths mantle. A stone of transformation, it assists in times of change. Has a vibration of increase and stimulates manifestation. Releases emotional blockages, encourages forgiveness and heals emotional wounds.

Prehnite - The Waxing Gibbous Moon: Powerful and uplifting. Increases peace and calm. Opens the mind, increases receptiveness and wisdom. Lights the way to enlightenment and aids in spiritual connection. Strong healing capabilities. Assists in trust and letting go.

Indian Agate - The Full Moon: Increases relaxation, tranquility, comfort and peace. Encourages physical, spiritual and emotional healing to the wearer.

Garnet - the Waning Gibbous Moon: Increases energy, regeneration and vitality. Balances emotions and protects against stress. A stone of manifestation – it brings dreams into reality and reveals ones purpose in life. 

Chrysocolla - The Waning Quarter Moon: Teaches the art of communication and projects the loving heart to others. Enables the truth be heard and expressed. Dissipates negative energy. Alleviates depression and stress. Deepens compassion and kindness.

Howlite - The Waning Crescent Moon: Peaceful and nurturing, relieves stress and anxiety. Calms an overactive mind and assist with meditation and spiritual connection. Eases sleep patterns. Increases understanding and patience. Boosts motivation and ambition. Assists goal realisation.

925 Solid Sterling Silver: Sacred metal of the moon, has a strong affinity for the tides of the ocean and water. Increases spirituality and intuition. Has powerful healing capabilities. Reflects light onto the soul.



108 bead mala including 925 solid sterling silver accents.

How To Manifest With The Moon and The Spiritual Meaning Behind Each Phase